Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Bares down, with
Fierce vengeance of
Lurked, lurking
Amongst shadows
Like the beast before
The Kill
The Knight stands
In armour dark
Bewitched by the cloak
Of the Night
Knight in the Night
Knight of the Night
Knight is the Night

I think what's important to note in this poem, is the way in which the simple transition from a world of light - courtesy of the daytime sun - to the darkness of the Night, can bring with it not only a change in intensity of light, but a far greater alteration in one's state of being. The 'Knight' mentioned in the poem is initially a passive figure: he 'stands', but as the poem progresses said Knight takes on the qualities of the Night time and its accompanying darkness - becoming a foreboding figure and sharing the 'Fierce vengeance' of the Night. Thus 'Knight is the Night' as the two entities become one. But obviously I just wrote this because 'Night' and 'Knight' rhyme.

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