Friday, 24 February 2012

Cameron & Clegg

'We will not cut the NHS'
Well that's a lie, we know the rest
'They'll be no problems, we know best'
I sorely hope that that's a jest
'We won't be biased to big business'
'We'll get the country out of this mess'
To believe such things would be naive
When Cam and Clegg set out to deceive
'From where shall we get extra cash?'
Perhaps from the bank manager's private stash?
'I know, we'll ramp-up uni fees'
'I said I wouldn't...' 'Oh Nick, please'
'You didn't think you'd keep that pledge?'
'I'm telling you, this idea's cutting edge'
Between the two not one word is true
But I guess that's politicians for you

Missed Lectures

He misses lectures
Though he knows he shouldn't
Likely could have gone
But he feels he couldn't
'Next week. Next Time'
'I haven't read the book'
'It'll be fine; at least I've taken a look'
But in the end
All is well
For when the time of assignments arises
He often finds his passion to exceed surprises

The simple message conveyed in this verse pivots on the fact that whilst the author may miss lectures on occasion, his over-riding passion to succeed ensures this does not negatively affect him. It could be inferred that the third person address 'Him' refers to a deity or higher power. However this is incorrect.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


All through the night
I twist and turn
Try as I might
I crave and yearn
For closed-eyed rest
A journey away
From Reality Beach
And Consciousness Bay
Cascading and tumbling
Light through the blinds
Finds me wailing and grumbling
In sun-rays unkind
Perhaps I should resign to a life without sleep
Or perhaps I should stop counting all these damn sheep

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day

Strange in a way?
To show your love
For just a day
Through material
And cliche
Only to be forgotten
Some other

The repetition of the lexis 'day' alludes to the title and connotes that 'Valentines Day' lasts only for a short time (a day) before it ceases to exist.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Rain On The Roof

On the roof
In his ears
Sounds like hooves
Stamping down
On the metal
Building up
Like a kettle
Before the water
Reaches boiling

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Shadows On The Wall

On the wall they sprawl
Obscure, abstract
One and all
Is that a wolf?
Is that a bear?
It's just a fucking chair.

The nature of shadows is closely examined in this verse, to the point that the writer has ventured into the realms of questioning the nature of reality ('wolf?' 'bear?') itself.