Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Man eats pizza
with garlic sauce.
Despite his best
to avoid such dairy-dabbling.

Later ham, a most overwhelmingly
of meats.
Despite his lifelong
of an animal appetite.

Then does he continue to
Devour such
forbidden fruits that aren't fruits.
Because they were going in the bin.

Although it may at first appear though the writer has developed a carnivorous lifestyle since birth - as is illustrated through their description of ham as an 'underwhelming[...]' De Factomeat which highlights their refined palette for dead flesh - this idea is quickly refuted by the 10th line's central theme of 'avoidance' of an 'animal appetite'. Thus we are, as a reader, led to believe that the writer is weak-minded and suffering from an inner turmoil between what their ideals - avoidance of 'fruits that aren't fruits' (by which we can infer the poet means meat and dairy) and their  consumption of said foodstuffs. However this theme of inner turmoil is again subverted by the poem's elegantly simple last line 'Because they were going in the bin'.