Monday, 31 December 2012

Last day Of The Year

Last day of the year
But do not fear
For in a matter of hours
A new year will be here
Exactly the same
As the one just gone
But with a different digit
Next to the '1'

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Existential Crisis

Existential crisis
In the middle of the night
Something unexpected
Not easily solved by
Anything he can do,
For, when all is said and done
To do
Is to what?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


All his housemates are asleep
This is not okay,
he needs their company, for his sanity to
For on his own, he just procrastinates
And wastes his un-precious time
By writing such nonsense
As this unimportant rhyme
Somebody should really
Make him right some proper words
That aren't fucking stupid
And slightly absurd
But they're asleep.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Forgets How To Sleep

He forgets how to sleep
His sanity to keep
Though he is worn and exhausted
All his energy deported
To some distant and remote
Castle with a moat
Of fire and electric wire
To keep him from getting his respire
He still must find a way
To end and start the day

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Needs To Work

He needs to work
Deadlines are looming
But try as he might
His mind is booming
With thoughts not of work
Or assignments due in
But rather of all together
Quite different things
He knows he must concentrate
But finds it a chore
All this thinking is making his brain

We can infer from this verse that the author is a master of procrastination: choosing to compose first-class poetry perfection rather than dealing with 'deadlines [...] looming': in itself a comment on the procrastination of society as a whole.


Dreams awake him from his slumber
Lying fast asleep as lumber
He wishes they would let him be
Instead of forcing him to see
Memories painful and sorely missed
Oh wait, no
It was in fact a need to piss

Clearly the author is suffering some confusion as to whether the poetic voice's awakening was caused by dreams or as the writer so elegantly states, 'a need to piss', which it could be inferred is a satirical comment on the nature of human emotions: which are such that they can be confused with a desire to urinate. Insightful.


He pops out for some milk
And before he can think
His legs have taken over
With his brain not in sync
He's running and running
Heart pumping away
This is not how he imagined
He'd end his short day

Sleep III

Should sleep
To keep
His eyes
Is quite a task
But to go to bed
Is an effort vast
To stand up straight
And use his legs
Would surely use at least an egg's
Worth of energy

Saturday, 1 December 2012


He walks alone
He walks too far
He walks until he's left the cars
And roads, and homes, and people too
Until the ever-darkening hue
Of a sky with winter sorrow full
Has faded fully out of view