Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cold Station

Cold station
Such commotion
When rather he
would clearly be
Up to his eyeballs
In the ocean
But alas instead
A cold station

Within the verse, we find the author to be demonstrating a sense of lamentation which one could be forgiven for mistaking as a reaction to the 'cold' nature of the station alone, but which, upon closer examination appears to be alluding to the writer's love of entering the sea 'up to his eyeballs'.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

2 4 Tue

Whilst 2 4 Tue
Might sound a good deal
The price to be paid
Is still far from ideal
Whilst the food may taste good
And fills him up as food should
The volume of funds
Is unacceptable for one
Who is a student

Whilst, when taken at face value, the verse appears to be making a stand against Domino Pizza's 'Two For Tuesday' offer, it is furthermore likely that the author is commentating moreover on the general state of contemporary Western society. The use of the contracted lexis 'Tue' in place of 'Tuesday' is in itself a criticism of the modern lifestyle: mocking the idea of 'Fast Food' in its refusal to address the 'Two For Tuesday' title in its entirety, opting instead for a lazy abbreviation and going as far to replace the words 'Two' and 'For' with digits - reflecting concisely the lazy and indifferent attitude of modern man, and, crucially, the dangers of the electronic age - which itself gives rise to such sloppy literary techniques as are shown in the substitution of numbers in place of whole words.