Sunday, 29 April 2012


Exports one video
And then another
Wants to huddle beneath bed's
Quilted covers
But yet more work is there to do
If he's to make his video
Into a final brew.

Friday, 27 April 2012


He likely should wash
He smells quite a lot
Beneath his arm blots
Of sweat, mark the spot
He should jump in the shower
If for just half an hour
To remedy his scent
Rather than lament
The times when he didn't smell.

Clearly, the author is having trouble coming to terms with his current state of being: that is, the ' times when he didn't smell' of which he speaks at the end - if taken to represent something he has lost - are plaguing him with their absence. The futility of his attempts to 'remedy his scent' without showering are evermore apparent through his reference to the 'spot' and 'marks' beneath his arms - which it could be inferred hold dark allusions to self-harm - and as a result this verse is not so much a yearning lyrical tale of what the author desires, but rather a crooning lament of the times he did not 'smell'. What a lazy sod.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Two Cups in a Row

Two cups
In a row
Will not
His mind blow
For with caffeine
He knows
The seeds of inspiration
It sows
And thoughts within

If we infer that the 'cups' referred to in the verse are a metaphor for life - playing on the clich├ęd phrase of 'cup half full/empty' - then the author is is presenting the audience with a picture of modern day existence.  The 'Caffeine,' mentioned in the piece - which we can interpret as being the very essence of life - holds the ability to destroy (having negative dark connotations of suicide and self-destruction in the use of the lexis 'blow') and thus the poet is conveying the a sense of human fragility in which human existence teeters on the brink of being and ceasing to be. Or it could just be about coffee.

Friday, 13 April 2012

From Wales To Reading

From Wales
To Reading
Whereby there lies bedding
Is a journey which is not too much of a toil
The car trundles on
Beneath the motorway sun
Let's hope it doesn't run out of oil.

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Won't last
Here for a day
Then goes away
Is there any chance that it will stay?
I won't raise your hopes, so I'll say 'nay'
But get some eggs down you today.

Reading To Wales

The arduous journey from Reading to Wales
Takes ample time like dozens of snails
Take to crawl through a vat of honey so thick
You can consume not all, no matter how hard you lick

The car pulls its way forward like a horse on the plane
Of the Serengeti travelling from the end to the start again
If only they had bothered to take an aircraft
Their expedition, this length of time, would truly not last

Friday, 6 April 2012


He loves Horcrux dearly
But can't for his life
Consume anymore, clearly
For it brings him strife
Pre-hangovers and bad-taste galore
Despite his wish to drink some more
Perhaps ordering such a volume of 24 bottles
Was a mistake and he shouldn't have bothered?
Ney, it was surely a worthwhile feat
As long as he mixes and doesn't drink it neat.