Friday, 27 April 2012


He likely should wash
He smells quite a lot
Beneath his arm blots
Of sweat, mark the spot
He should jump in the shower
If for just half an hour
To remedy his scent
Rather than lament
The times when he didn't smell.

Clearly, the author is having trouble coming to terms with his current state of being: that is, the ' times when he didn't smell' of which he speaks at the end - if taken to represent something he has lost - are plaguing him with their absence. The futility of his attempts to 'remedy his scent' without showering are evermore apparent through his reference to the 'spot' and 'marks' beneath his arms - which it could be inferred hold dark allusions to self-harm - and as a result this verse is not so much a yearning lyrical tale of what the author desires, but rather a crooning lament of the times he did not 'smell'. What a lazy sod.

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