Sunday, 30 September 2012

Early Starts

He wakes up early
To go to his lecture
Even though at this time
His general conjecture
Is much to be desired
As though his brain has been fired
The thoughts he must muster
Are, at best, lacklustre
Because of
Early starts.

The message imparted through the verse's middle line 'as though his brain has been fired' is relevant not only to the author, but rather to society as a whole. We can interpret this line as being an attack upon the everyday laziness and perfunctory attitude demonstrated by the western world as a whole, to the extent that even when 'thoughts' - here symbolising human activity - does occur, it is, at best, 'lacklustre.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Litter Picking

He picks up litter
To pay the fee
When it comes to bottles
And cans
He's on a spree
Two sacks in a second
Are full and complete
But the ache in his back
And the sore in his feet
Make this job one of toil
With a start early to-boot
Picking up underwear soiled
Is not such a hoot
But at the end of the day
He did not have to pay
For Bestival.