Friday, 24 February 2012

Cameron & Clegg

'We will not cut the NHS'
Well that's a lie, we know the rest
'They'll be no problems, we know best'
I sorely hope that that's a jest
'We won't be biased to big business'
'We'll get the country out of this mess'
To believe such things would be naive
When Cam and Clegg set out to deceive
'From where shall we get extra cash?'
Perhaps from the bank manager's private stash?
'I know, we'll ramp-up uni fees'
'I said I wouldn't...' 'Oh Nick, please'
'You didn't think you'd keep that pledge?'
'I'm telling you, this idea's cutting edge'
Between the two not one word is true
But I guess that's politicians for you

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