Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cold Air

Cold air
Against hot face
With oxygen
Molecules, indiscriminate
From the pollutants of
Perhaps, moronic?
A fact
Cold air
Over here
Over there
Cold air
Cold air

The primary element 'air' juxtaposes harshly with the word 'laced' which has connotations of interference, disruption, and corruption - symbolic of 'human-kind.'  The questioning tone of the middle verses forces the reader to re-examine the common term 'humankind' to assess its true meaning - are humans in fact kind? The recapitulation of the line 'cold air' concludes that this is where the underlying importance lies - cold air triumphing over the corruption hinted at with 'laced,' earlier in the verse. And all that's exactly what I was trying to portray when writing this. Obviously.

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