Friday, 30 March 2012

Forced To Write

When forced to write
A poem right
He finds it hard
Toils through the night
The deadline is
Just days away
And soon he must
A portfolio
So he drafts and scribes
And by-and-by
He finds a style:
This one, not like
Which serves his needs
And seeks to please
All eyes who read.
When forced to write
A poem right

From the author's choice to single-out the lexis 'display,' we can infere that the 'style [he finds]' is crafted for the purpose of being successful in the context of a viewing by critics other than himself. Thus, it is implied also, that the above poem is in fact not intended for public consumption: which is a pretty fucking stupid conclusion to come to about a piece of poetry published on an easily-accesible internet blog.

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