Friday, 2 March 2012

For I will consider my cat Romulus (inspired by the work of Christopher Smart)

The following verse is based on this one by Smart.

For I will consider my cat Romulus.
For he is one of two cats in my home.
For he requests food to fund his sizeable figure.
For he eats too much and is of poor motivation to exercise.
For he will throw up on the rug when he has over-exerted himself on food.
For he will catch small rodents and birds to entertain himself.
For he will toy with the mice and play with the birds.

For he is bored.

For he will present them as gifts, regretfully unwanted.
For he sleeps all through the day.
For he sleeps all through the night.
For he could leave when he pleased but refrains.
For he has nowhere else he wishes to go.
For he is of an unemployed status and has no job to attend.
For he is a cat.

Poetical Analysis:
He writes a poem
About a cat
His cat in fact
Now what of that?
Why does he choose to place
'For he is bored'
On its own line?
Because, of course
It looks important.

The author has chosen to explain the poem's message through another poem. How pretentious.

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