Saturday, 7 January 2012

Should Be Asleep

He should be asleep
But instead he will keep
Open his eyes
Until he feels weak
As time passes by
He mulls over sleep
Soon it will happen
His eyelids will close
And all will go dark
When he will wake
No one knows.

As a reader we can extract a powerful message from this verse: the final stanza proving particularly significant, hiding undertones of self-distruction and demise. The line 'when he will wake' sets up the theme of sleep, which in turn is often a euphemism for death, and from the closing line ' No one knows' it can be inferred that perhaps he will never wake - enforcing the aforementioned euphemism. The full stop acts as a conformation of his terminus. An alternate interpretation could simply be that the author is very lazy and prefers to sleep late.

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