Monday, 23 January 2012


When I get the blues
I put on my shoes
I go out on the town
And I go bust some moves

When I blow a fuse
I put on my shoes
I go for a walk
And it helps me to muse

When I have to choose
I put on my shoes
I get in the car
And I go for a cruise

When I'm looking for clues
I put on my shoes
I dress up as Sherlock
And go make the news

When my football team lose
I don't give a crap
I go back to bed
And I take a long nap

Clearly, the author holds shoes in high-esteem and seeks help from their footwear in times of personal struggle. This close relationship seems not to hold true for the final stanza, however, whereby the author 'don't [sic] give a crap' and finds resolution in 'a long nap.'

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