Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cold House

Cold house
Not even a mouse
Not even a louse
Not even a grouse
Could tolerate the temperature
At large in this house
Blankets galore
Cold weather deplore
As with socks, scarves and gloves
The garments he loves
Attempt to protect him
From the harsh coldness within
The cold house

It is not often that a verse so vivid in description and imagery touches upon the subject matter of this particular poem. Not only is the author criticising the literall temperature of a 'cold house', but, moreover, the 'house' itself is serving as a metaphor for the hearts of modern homo sapiens, who leave no place in their conscience for the existence of any constituents of nature which do not immediately serve their needs: a concept alluded to in the mention of a 'mouse', 'louse', and 'grouse'.

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